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Lamiglass's intruder resistant glass is a high performance laminate designed to provide an effective protection from physical attack, burglary and forced entry. The intruder resistant glass from Lamiglass has glass for both its exterior and interior surfaces, thus is very suitable for exterior use also.

To produce our intruder resistant glass, we use a special high performance security interlayer that has 5 times the tear strength and 100 times the rigidity of conventional PVB. This latest innovation security interlayer also has excellent clarity and durability.

Since the degree of protection required will depend on the anticipated severity and duration of attacks, Lamiglass has introduced a range of intruder resistant glass divided into 4 separate protection levels.

Typical applications include prisons, jewelry shops, government buildings, correctional facilities, shop fronts, homes and other facilities where security is required and demanded. 



Min. thickness (mm)


Smash & Grab 



 Forced entry & burglary



 Physical attack



 Prolonged physical attack



IL-1 : IL-1 is designed and tested to withstand 100 blows from a wooden baseball bat without any puncture hole or penetration of the glazing material. There was no puncture hole and no penetration of the glazing material even after we have pummelled/smashed the IL-1 glass with more than 100 blows with bricks and crash helmet.

IL-2 : IL-2 is designed and tested to withstand 100 blows from a 1.5 Ib steel hammer without any puncture hole or penetration of the glazing material.


a) Steel Grill -  Locally, it is very common to see houses and buildings installing iron/steel grills on their windows. This is mainly done for security purposes. The grills are installed to prevent burglars and intruders from entering into the building. However, in most cases, the houses and buildings will end up looking like a prison. Previously, the building owners have no choice as the existing glass used (tempered glass, normal laminated glass, annealed glass, etc) does not provide the required security level.


In addition, the building owners will have to incur 2 separate costs - cost of installing the window and cost of installing the iron/steel grill. Now, with our intruder resistant glass, building owners and house owners will now no longer need to stay in a "prison environment". They can now have windows that have an unobstructed view of the outside  and at the same time, feeling secured and not worrying about the security of their windows.

b) Steel Roller Shutter - Most shops will install steel roller shutters. However, it has one disadvantage. The steel roller shutters will block people from outside from viewing the inside of the shop. There have been cases reported in the past, whereby after breaking into the shop, the robbers spent hours ransacking the premise. The break in was only discovered the next morning when the shop owner opened the shop for business.

c) Tempered Glass Shop Front - Locally, there are currently quite a lot of shops and banks installing tempered glass for their shop fronts without steel roller shutters or steel grills. Usually 10 mm - 12 mm clear tempered glass will be installed without any steel roller shutter or steel grill. In such a situation, all it needs is just one hit from a steel hammer to shatter the tempered glass and creating a large opening for the intruder/s to just walk in or enter. All this can be done within a few seconds. Therefore, a smash and grab situation can occur and be over with within a very short period of time. The tempered glass used will not deter or protect the shop or bank from such a smash and grab situation.


d) Display Glass - Most of the display glass seen in most local shops (jewellery, watch, etc) used annealed, tempered or normal laminated glass. However, the protection level provided by these types of glass is very limited. Below is an extract from a news report on a recent smash and grab robbery.


"      Four robbers wearing full-faced helmets escaped with $300,000 worth of jewellery from a shop on Lebuh **** here. The robbers, armed with two parang (machetes) and an iron bar, grabbed five trays of jewellery during the 11am incident on Saturday.

Everything was over in less than 10 minutes.

A 33-year-old security guard, who was not armed at that time, suffered slashed wounds on his left arm and forehead when he used a steel chair to put up a fight. He had been sent to Penang Hospital for treatment. Four other people, including the shop owner and his wife, were in the shop when the robbers stormed into the shop.

One of the robbers immediately shattered the display glass before three others followed suit. They then escaped with the loot on two motorcycles..................".